Don’t Feed The Geeks Ep. 56 – Masters of the LEGOverse!

Don’t Feed The Geeks Ep. 56 – Masters of the LEGOverse!

On this episode of “Don’t Feed The Geeks”, the LI Comic Guys become the Masters of the LEGOverse as we travel back in time to talk about the sets that we all grew up with! We reminisce about the MANY sets we’ve acquired over the years (especially JJ and Toy Story), and get into some cool insight about the evolution of the toy from their earliest days of small, simple play sets to the massive, intricate 10,000 piece collectors sets that we know today! We also deep dive into the killer new episode of The Mandalorian featuring everyone’s favorite Palawan from the animated shows!

Check out a recording by Aron Fromm (former sound engineer) of Stan Lee on a Hilariously Profane Rant of the use of the F-Word.

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