Ep. Bonus – From The Pages To Screen

On this special bonus episode of Don’t Feed The Geeks, the guys discuss their favorite superhero movies, debate which had the best and worst adaptations, and also talk about the new DC Universe app and what we think of it!

Show Notes:

Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Craig Weeden & Patrick Wedge Art: http://paperfilms.com/

Avengers Initiative cutscenes we couldn’t remember:

  • Captain America: The First Avenger – Nick Fury meets with Steve Rogers about a new world-saving assignment

  • Iron Man – Nick Fury tells Tony Stark about “the Avenger initiative.”

  • Iron Man 2 – Thor’s hammer lands somewhere in New Mexico. S.H.I.E.L.D. is on the case.

Super Friends #7 (1st App of Wonder-Twins)

Aquaman Pilot (2006)

Old Man Logan story line was featured in Wolverine Vol. 3 Issues 66-72 (2008-2009)

*Correction* Ryan Reynolds appears in Blade: Trinity not Blade II

Blade/Spawn Black Superhero movie which was First?

Jenny Frison’s recent Wonder Woman B Covers were the books TC refers to as resembling Jennifer Connelley

Kyle Rayner was the other Human Green Lantern from Earth referred to by TC

Batman Hush (Batman Issues 608-619) (2002-2003)

The Killing Joke: One Shot Graphic Novel (1988)

Superior Spider-Man (Issues 1-33) (2013-2014)

Civil War: Crossover Storyline (2006-2007)

Death of Superman: Crossover Storyline (1992-1993)

Court of Owls (Batman New 52 Issues 1-12) (2011-2012)

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Video Game 2006) (Part 2 2009)

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